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The Common Sense Difference

Common Sense Cremation provides simple, direct cremations at a common sense price.

Common Sense Cremation was founded by the past President of the Cremation Association of North America. We are dedicated to providing a professional and affordable simple cremation.

Unlike the expensive associations and the store-front operations the setup shop over night, Common Sense Cremation actually owns the crematory. This allows us to control our costs and insure professional and efficient services. With over 70% of families choosing cremation as a means of final disposition, more people than ever before are faced with the need to sort through and select from the various providers available. While it might seem simple, there is more to consider than you know.

For many years cremation services were provided only through traditional funeral homes. Today, there are other choices available.

  • Membership societies or associations
  • Storefront "alternative" providers

Typically, a traditional funeral home can offer a broader selection of services, but their prices reflect the additional cost of staffing and maintaining a full-service facility. Some membership societies or associations are actually marketing schemes designed to have you commit to pre-funding your cremation arrangements. You can be exposed to aggressive sales tactics designed to engage you in a costly and profitable contract arrangement. You may spend more than you want. Many storefront "alternative" providers contract with a wholesale crematory where thousands of cremations are performed each year. They will typically advertise a rock bottom price because their overhead is minimal. How do they survive? They count on selling you more than the minimal service in order to build profits.

Providing the communities of Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, Edmonds, Lynnwood, and surrounding areas with simple and affordable cremations.

No High Pressure Sales

Most cremation societies are actually run by out of state companies with little connection to our communities. They usually employ a phone room to generate leads for their sales people. When a “lead” is contacted the sales group uses high pressure tactics to “up sell” the family with expensive and unnecessary add-ons. Buying through a cremation society is often one of the most expensive ways to purchase cremation services.