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Cremation is gaining in popularity as an affordable alternative to the skyrocketing costs of other burial options. Washington state cremation company Common Sense Cremations explains how this process works.

Many cremation societies or companies require membership or prepaid fees to join prior to needing any services. Others, like Washington state cremation provider CS Cremations, do not. The cremation process starts with the removal of the body to the funeral home or crematory. At CS, one facility houses everything, meaning that the body of your loved one is transported only once.

During the removal process, much of the necessary legal forms and paperwork can be filled out by the family. This may also be done at a later point, while the necessary permits and authorization is obtained. Once the legalities are complete, the body is placed in a special container and heated in a cremation oven, also known as a retort.

The ashes are returned to the loved ones in an urn (though there are more decorative options available), and may then be kept or scattered a place of their choosing. As you can see, it’s a simple process, and at Common Sense Cremations, it’s also affordable, running just $655 plus tax for the basic package. If you’re looking for Washington state cremation services, CS is a great choice. Call today for more information.

The prospect of death is a scary, difficult proposition for all of us. Worst of all is the worry about how your passing could affect loved ones. Beyond the obvious emotional impact, there’s often an unfortunate financial toll for families who lose a member, as funeral and burial services can run in excess of $10,000. That why, for many Washington families, a Seattle direct cremation is becoming an alternative worth considering.  Seattle direct cremation service CS Cremations explains how a direct cremation saves money.

Cremation is an inexpensive and respectful way for a person to be laid to rest. It eliminates the cost of an expensive burial plot, and does not require a pricey casket. Both of these are big ticket items that cost thousands of dollars. With direct cremation, any burial or visitation services are optional, and can be held according to the family’s wishes at any location they desire. There are no pricey embalming services or expenditures on appearance with cremation. Ashes are returned in a simple urn which can be kept, or easily transported to any location to be scattered.

A direct cremation is a much more affordable option than other types of burial and maybe best way to go for your family. Seattle direct cremation provider CS Cremations serves Washington, and can answer any questions you may have about the process. Call today at ###-###-#### for more information.

When it comes to Seattle cremation services, not all companies are created equal. Often, a business or society that provides cremations does not actually own crematory equipment. Such businesses are known as storefront crematories. Seattle cremation provider Common Sense Cremations explains why it’s best to avoid such organizations in favor of crematoriums with in-house facilities.

One reason a self-owned crematorium is preferable is price – storefront crematories must send out the body, pay a crematorium, and charge enough money to make their own profit – costs that get passed on to the customer. Most often in these cases, the body is sent to a large funeral home or a cremation society, organizations with high overhead and large volume. This is both a costly and unsettling scenario for the customer – they have no way to guarantee how their loved one is treated, or even that the ashes that come back belong to the right person.

At an in-house crematorium like Common Sense, customers get to meet and talk with the people who do the cremation. You have the comfort of knowing that your loved one never leaves the premises, and that everything will be handled properly and ethically.
For Seattle cremation services, it’s important to use a cremation company that has their own crematorium. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it will save you money.

Losing a loved one is never easy; it’s a painful, complicated process. Unfortunately, with all the expenses associated with a funeral and mortuary services, it can also be an expensive process. More and more, families are electing to go with cremation rather than traditional burial. Seattle cremation provider Common Sense Cremations explains why simple cremation may be the right choice for you or your loved one.

Simple cremation – that is, cremation done without a service or ceremony – is the most affordable way to take care of your deceased loved ones. It’s cost controlled, fulfills all legal obligations, and allows you to have your own remembrance or service on your terms. There’s no expensive casket or burial plot, no rooms to rent, and no expensive or invasive embalming procedures.  Following the cremation process, you get the ashes returned in a simple urn, leaving you free to do as you choose. You don’t need to go into to debt just to pay for the funeral of a loved one.
Simple cremation is a dignified, modest way to take care of your loved ones after they’ve gone. At CS Cremations, a leading Seattle cremation provider, we’ll take care of everything. Call today for more info on Seattle cremation services.