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The prospect of death is a scary, difficult proposition for all of us. Worst of all is the worry about how your passing could affect loved ones. Beyond the obvious emotional impact, there’s often an unfortunate financial toll for families who lose a member, as funeral and burial services can run in excess of $10,000. That why, for many Washington families, a Seattle direct cremation is becoming an alternative worth considering.  Seattle direct cremation service CS Cremations explains how a direct cremation saves money.

Cremation is an inexpensive and respectful way for a person to be laid to rest. It eliminates the cost of an expensive burial plot, and does not require a pricey casket. Both of these are big ticket items that cost thousands of dollars. With direct cremation, any burial or visitation services are optional, and can be held according to the family’s wishes at any location they desire. There are no pricey embalming services or expenditures on appearance with cremation. Ashes are returned in a simple urn which can be kept, or easily transported to any location to be scattered.

A direct cremation is a much more affordable option than other types of burial and maybe best way to go for your family. Seattle direct cremation provider CS Cremations serves Washington, and can answer any questions you may have about the process. Call today at ###-###-#### for more information.