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Cremation is gaining in popularity as an affordable alternative to the skyrocketing costs of other burial options. Washington state cremation company Common Sense Cremations explains how this process works.

Many cremation societies or companies require membership or prepaid fees to join prior to needing any services. Others, like Washington state cremation provider CS Cremations, do not. The cremation process starts with the removal of the body to the funeral home or crematory. At CS, one facility houses everything, meaning that the body of your loved one is transported only once.

During the removal process, much of the necessary legal forms and paperwork can be filled out by the family. This may also be done at a later point, while the necessary permits and authorization is obtained. Once the legalities are complete, the body is placed in a special container and heated in a cremation oven, also known as a retort.

The ashes are returned to the loved ones in an urn (though there are more decorative options available), and may then be kept or scattered a place of their choosing. As you can see, it’s a simple process, and at Common Sense Cremations, it’s also affordable, running just $655 plus tax for the basic package. If you’re looking for Washington state cremation services, CS is a great choice. Call today for more information.