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When it comes to Seattle cremation services, not all companies are created equal. Often, a business or society that provides cremations does not actually own crematory equipment. Such businesses are known as storefront crematories. Seattle cremation provider Common Sense Cremations explains why it’s best to avoid such organizations in favor of crematoriums with in-house facilities.

One reason a self-owned crematorium is preferable is price – storefront crematories must send out the body, pay a crematorium, and charge enough money to make their own profit – costs that get passed on to the customer. Most often in these cases, the body is sent to a large funeral home or a cremation society, organizations with high overhead and large volume. This is both a costly and unsettling scenario for the customer – they have no way to guarantee how their loved one is treated, or even that the ashes that come back belong to the right person.

At an in-house crematorium like Common Sense, customers get to meet and talk with the people who do the cremation. You have the comfort of knowing that your loved one never leaves the premises, and that everything will be handled properly and ethically.
For Seattle cremation services, it’s important to use a cremation company that has their own crematorium. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it will save you money.